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Angular Peek Tlif Cage

  • Titanium part at the end of the allows angular movement during implantation
  • The banana-like shape of ensures a maximized contact area between vertebrae and implant while being slim enough to be inserted through the foramen
  • Has only one implant inserter to insert
  • Has simple and easy application
  • Has toothed surface for good adhesion

Anterior Cervical Disc Prosthesis

Anterior Cervical Disc Prosthesis, Permits a physiological range of motion, Provides max adherence to vertebrae and Consists of one piece

Anterior Cervical Plate System

  • Provides anterior stabilization
  • Can be used for one or more segments
  • Quite thin plate
  • No height on the plate

Bladed Cervical Peek Cage

  • Blade of the designed to make fixation easier
  • Made of biocompatible proven polymer PEEK
  • Sharp teeth on surface of EOS allows extraordinary grip
  • Has good radiographic appearance

Cement Injectable Screw Spinal Fixation System

  • Allows cement insertion to the bone due to cannulated structure
  • Has ergonomic and smart instruments
  • Has low profile design
  • Provides easy and safety cement injection
  • Has canal structure to more cement injection

Cervical Peek Cage

  • Comprehensive modular spinal system with smart design
  • Modular systems allow the surgeon to select the various modular screw head options
  • Can be used in both open and percutaneous surgery
  • Different designs rods for MIS and open approach
  • Designs include several new and modular ideas for simplifying surgical application of the implants
  • Wide variety of implant options and accessories providing technological advancements to treat various spinal pathologies
  • Offers a comprehensive solution for rigid posterior fixation of the thoracolumbar regions of the spine
  • Allows intraoperative selection of tulip
  • All components are made of biocompatible titanium alloy

Corpectomy Mesh Cages

  • Unique lobe design matches end-plate anatomy
  • Large area for bone packing
  • Easy to cut mesh system allows for custom fitting during the operation for each individual patient
  • Provide and innovative solution for stabilization of the spine in cases of vertebral body resection
  • Have maximum fusion area
  • Have cuttable design
  • Thin and strong
  • Made of biocompatible titanium alloy

Expandable Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Cage

  • One or more vertebral bodies can be substituted
  • Perfect bridging of the spinal defect
  • Implanted easily and safely between the adjacent end plates of the vertebral bodies
  • Has a hollow design
  • Has a lordosis angled design
  • Plate-mesh combination
  • Has simple and easy application
  • Universal application by a variety of different implant diameters, lengths and angulations
  • Made of biocompatible titanium alloy

Expandable Bladed Cervical Peek Cage

  • Allows restoration of the height of the intervertebral space
  • Provides fast, easy and effective implantation by its ergonomically driver
  • Blade of the designed to make fixation easier
  • Expansion and opening of the blade mechanism with one movement
  • Has anatomical design

Expandable Peek Plif Cage

  • Due to expandable structure, height can be increased by 1mm
  • Provides parallel expansion
  • Expandability is achieved by the titanium alloy section of the product
  • Parallel expandable
  • Made of biocompatible titanium alloy
  • Only one inserter to insert and expand

Expandable Titanium Lumbar Interbody Cage

  • Less subsidence in osteoporotic conditions
  • One-step implantation – no trial implants required
  • Less risk for nerve roots and neural structures
  • Expansion mode indication by the inserter
  • Torque regulation of the contact pressure on the end plates
  • Highest primary stability after expansion Can be filled after expansion
  • Excellent osteointegration due to its titanium architecture
  • Shorter operative time

Hera Dynamic Rod

  • Dynamical System allows rotational and axial movement
  • Allows both dynamic and rigid fixation
  • Prevents the upper segment degeneration
  • Compatible with all 5,5 mm and 6 mm rod systems
  • Offers two different options 5,5 mm and 6 mm in diameters and 60 to 150 mm in length
  • Simple and easy application
  • Has slim design