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Corpectomy Mesh Cages

  • Unique lobe design matches end-plate anatomy
  • Large area for bone packing
  • Easy to cut mesh system allows for custom fitting during the operation for each individual patient
  • Provide and innovative solution for stabilization of the spine in cases of vertebral body resection
  • Have maximum fusion area
  • Have cuttable design
  • Thin and strong
  • Made of biocompatible titanium alloy

Expandable Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Cage

  • One or more vertebral bodies can be substituted
  • Perfect bridging of the spinal defect
  • Implanted easily and safely between the adjacent end plates of the vertebral bodies
  • Has a hollow design
  • Has a lordosis angled design
  • Plate-mesh combination
  • Has simple and easy application
  • Universal application by a variety of different implant diameters, lengths and angulations
  • Made of biocompatible titanium alloy