Artcure Painkiller Band

Different from the current treatment protocols, waist and neck hernia treatments; it is a new system that will do as deeply, as naive and without hurting as the performance of an art. ARTCURE® is a transdermally applied patch. It is the only product that reduces the pressure on the spinal line by making the disc hernias smaller than their current mass with its mechanical effect that changes the intradisc osmotic pressure.

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Formulated fat molecules with osmotic pressure changing property reaching the nucleus pulposus (hernie disc) with special ARTCURE® carrier; By ensuring that the water in the herniated nucleus pulposus containing approximately 80% water goes out of the nucleus pulposus; hernie nucleus pulposus causes a significant reduction in weight. The nucleus pulposus, whose weight decreases, puts less pressure on the nerve root and the spinal cord itself. Thus, a significant reduction in the patient’s pain occurs.

MRI of the patient is required to perform ARTCURE® application. This requirement is for the correct indication. Because not all waist and neck pain may be caused by a hernia. Following the clinical improvement after the application, MR can be requested again and the effect can be monitored.

ARTCURE® is an effective treatment support due to its high clinical success in short periods and its very low rate of side effects.


As a first step, open the Artcure PW Diffusional Patch carton. Take out the primer package, booklet and 2 gels from the box.

Tear the primer package on the edge and remove the patch, sterile gel spreader and 5 tapes.

Attach both gels by screwing them into the applicators included in the patch.

Take off the applicators on the patch together with the gels.

Using the sterile spreader, spread the gel over the entire patch.

Pour all of the gel into the patch.
Remove the paper on the hypoallergenic adhesive tape that comes out of the box and stick it to fix the patch.
Make sure the patch is at the spinal cord level and in the area with disc herniation.

Patch; Place it so that it completely covers the disc and the perforated part touches the skin.

Apply the paste using hypoallergenic adhesive tapes so that the entire patch is covered.

Glue the other tapes partially overlapping, covering the entire patch.


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